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We seek out artisans from around Central America who specialize in handmade goods.

Fair Trade

We've strive to support cooperatives that are committed to upholding fair trade principles.


We prioritize purchasing goods that are made with sustainable and recycled materials.

Locally Produced

From reef-safe sunscreen to yummy jelly, we sell products made on Roatan!


HandMADE gifts

Junco Baskets

Hand woven using the junco reed found in the Santa Barbara region of Honduras, these baskets are made with natural dyes.

Carved Masks

Beautiful carved masks are made by Miguel Ángel, who often utilizes recycled materials in his creations.

Lenca Pottery

Handcrafted by Lenca women, the modern traditional pottery is unique to Honduras.



La Luciernaga Candles

La Luciernaga works to reduce, prevent and raise awareness of violence against women and children in Honduras.

Juan Pablo II Textiles

Hand sewn items are quilted by the Juan Pablo II women's coop in La Ceiba. These talented women are often the sole providers in their communities.

Invitro Glass

Offering health and educational services to mining communities in Honduras, the San Juancito Foundation employs 60 Honduran artisans.




Tuno is made in the Mosquitia region of Honduras using natural materials, including tree bark and natural dyes.

Specialty Foods

We carry a variety of delicious specialty foods that are produced through ecologically sensible practices.

Recycled Gifts

From chip bags to reused metal and glass, we sell a variety of gifts made from recycled material.


made on roatan

Marble Hills Jams

Made on the Marble Hills farm located on the east end of the island, this yummy jam comes in a variety of flavors.

Honey Products

Local honey and honey products are made from bee hives on Roatan!


Aegis is a line of all natural that utilizes locally sourced ingredients and zero-waste packaging when possible.